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Android N 7.0 Edition's new feature & all about it

android 7.0

Most of people know that his favorite OS Android's next version (Android n 7.0) is declared. But they don't no know more about it, but people want more aware about this, So at this article we familiar our user with the Android's latest version Android 7.0. In this article user get all about android 7.0. like its full name, release date, User Interface, feature, & news.

NAME:how decide its name

Officially Android 7.0 is called Nougat. The Nougat is the already in the company favorite list. but the company also want public ideas.So after public response company decide to its pre-launched android version name will be Nougat. And the company tweet "thank" for the name ideas.

android 7.0

All new features of Android 7.0

The Android 7.0 is the latest version of Android OS so it's the necessary that have very new feature from previous version.Here i explain some main feature of it like: Multitasking(Multi-Window), Notification panel improve, Setting more Helpful, Virtual Reality Mode option in Setting, Default Keyboard Theme, Performance, New Emoji, User Able to see Source Code of App, Google Camera customizable with volume Button, Quick Setting Option for Developer, Version Update is more easy, clear All in Recent App Menu, New Folder Icon etc, describe below.

MultiTasking-More changes in Multi-Window on android 7.0

Multi-Window- With this feature user get can do two work at time by deviding screen in two separation. Android’s lack of splitscreen multitasking felt especially pressing last year with the underwhelming release of the productivity-focused Pixel C tablet, and now N is putting things right. The splitscreen feature works on phones, too, and is accessed by holding down the task-switching button. It’s pretty intuitive, and on a Nexus 6 is kind of like having two BlackBerry screens at once.

android 7.0

Notification-Panel:Redesign Notification Panel on android 7.0

Notification Panel- In that latest change user can response all notification without open any app, and the all application short settings come appear. And the design changes are:The notifications shade itself has also been revamped, with the main change being the removal of distinct cards. Android’s notifications area is now flatter than ever, with just a thin line separating individual notifications although when you swipe down the Quick Settings, the cards will stack as before. Profile pics from your contacts now appear on the right rather than the left and app icons have been minimized.

android 7.0

Quick Setting Toggle Changes on android 7.0

Already, tapping a switch would kill a setting on or straight away. In Dev Preview 4, it takes you to a little settings menu rather (the same one beforehand got to by tapping the word Wi-Fi or Bluetooth under their individual symbol). This is an abnormal choice and one not prone to be extremely well known with clients. (Overhaul: Google has now affirmed it will change the Quick Settings switch activity back to the way it was – and ought to be.

android 7.0

Smooth Uninterrupted Version Updates on android 7.0

no need to be very carefull like download install reboot and any thing. in this update user can download the update and when user will reboot his phone the update were apply without taking more time or process.

android 7.0

Virtual Reality-particularly VR mode option available in setting on android 7.0

Virtual Reality-In this version user have very option to set up VR Feature. By going to Settings > Apps > Configure apps > Special access > VR helper, you can find a menu screen waiting to be filled by a list of apps that are making use of an API designed for VR apps.
While we definitely thought about Android 7.0's managed perform mode for VR, the setting is presently appearing in the Display settings in dev review 5. At the base there is currently a setting called "When gadget is in VR mode" with choices for "use low movement obscure settings" and "do nothing". Something lets me know a teardown will soon uncover further VR mode combination.

Add extra Feature on Camera on android 7.0

Camera Changes-The camera interface is marginally distinctive with some new symbols and you can now take pictures while recording video by means of a shutter button above the recording button. (Redesign: the capture button has vanished in Dev Preview 3.) Shooting photographs on HDR mode is much speedier than it used to be and Slow Motion has re-showed up in the ground sirloin sandwich menu route drawer..

android 7.0

Some features of android 7.0 descriptive in Video.

Other new Features of android 7.0 is below in the list.

  • Available Keybord Different Themes
  • Add more Emoji
  • Easter Egg
  • 3D Touch Support
  • Multi-Locale Mode for polyglot language support
  • Enhancements to Google Now Launcher

android 7.0 release date

As opposed to hold up until Google I/O 2016, Google chose to surprise all of us by announcing the first Android N design on 9'th-march, two entire months sooner than anticipated. The Android N preview is live for the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi and LTE), Nexus Player and Pixel C on the Android Developers site. The main beta announcing hopeful showed up during Google I/O on May 18, 2016.We hope that company will quick announce its update for all brand except google nexus.

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