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At Android Assister I Provide You The Android Tips And Trick And Important Application. And Also You Can Ask Any Issue Related To Android On This Blog. And You Can Ask In Any Language.

android n feature

Android N 7.0 Edition's new feature & all about it.

Most of people know that his favorite OS Android's next version (Android n 7.0) is declared. But they don't no know more about it, but people want more aware about this, So at this article we familiar our user with the Android's latest version 7.0. In this article user get all about android 7.0...

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fake whatsapp

How to Operate Whatsapp with Fake Foreign Mobile Number(e.g.,+63 / +1 / +44).

At this article Android Assister teach you the Activate your secondary Whatsapp using Fake Foreign number like UK(+44),US(+1) & Philippines(+63). So with this trick you can active on social media without knowing people. People use whatsapp for to connect with other relative & friends or for its business purpose, but they need own mobile number for register. But after follow...

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thing to remember before

Things to remembered before buying a Android Phone.

Here I"ll teach you that what things or point to remembered before purchasing a Android Phone. Choosing the right phone is not an easy task considering the fact that there are so many phones available in the market. Each offering something different and unique makes the choice really hard. Choosing the right phone could be lot easier if you evaluate your options rationally and logically....

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screen dimmer

To make your Android Phone's screen more Dimmer from its default Brightness.

Here i gonna instruct you the 'How to make your android phone's screen extraa dim for safety from bad effect of android screen on your eyes at night. And with these trick you not only protect your eyes even you save your mobile battery life. here i'm not only talk about screen dimming even you can filter your phone's colour effet(e.g., blue light filter)....

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insufficient storage

How to Instant free space on Android without
delete any File or App.

Here we give you the instruction of two type of Insufficient Storage error.
1-If your Ram memory is full(e.g.,when you try to Download a application or game from playstore and it popup and it say insufficient storage.)
2-And the other one is, when you Download a movie or taking any file from computer or by sharing app and your phone notify that your memory is full...

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whatsapp font

What in the Whatsapp Latest Update. How to
use Whatsapp new Font & Style.

Here you learn that how to use the whatsapp latest feature, how to change font & style in whatsapp with step by step instruction. in this latest update user can type a message with italic, bold, strike through & new font....

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multi app

To use multiple variant of same app in Android using
Clone(e.g.,two Paytm app or any app).

At this post i teach you that if you wanna use a particular Android app with two different account or any other need so now you can done this with easy steps. Using this trick you can create and install multiple copies of your existing apps. Copied apps run in parallel and work independently from their original apps. They will not receive automatic updates so you can keep and run a stable version alongside the original app...

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