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At Android Assister I Provide You The Lates Android Tips And Tricks And Important Application & Games. And Also You Can Ask Any Issue Related To Android at Android Assister. And You Can Ask In Any Language.

default android

How To Clear Default App Setting Of Any
Application In Android

Here i brought a Latest tips at Android Assister Most of Android user face problem of default setting of any app. So here i'll show how to clear default setting of any application.First of all you have to know what 's Default settings app? The default setting is a process when we open any file so that open every time in the same application. if you also want release from Latest tips & tricks assister...

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android as mic

To Use Your Android Phone As Mic Of
Your PC Or Laptop

Here i brought a Latest tricks at Android Assister-For this easy need you make sure your PC, Laptop has Windows Configure. If you have then go to 2nd step you need to download a Software called 'WO Mic' App on Android. After this the Same app download on your PC. After it go in the SETTING of WO Mic on your Android then go TRANSPORT option. Select option which you want to use. I prefer USB Latest...

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read without open

To Read All Unread Messages
Without Open Whatsapp

Here i've brought a Latest tips to see all unread messages of whatsapp even without open Whatsapp App on Android device. If you also interested in follow the instructions, First of all go-to your home screen of your android, then touch hold to put widgets on your device homescreen, when widgets are open you need to find whatsapp(Assister...

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tips by assister

To Record Your Android Screen

Here i come with Latest tricks to learn you how to Record your Android Phone Screen. first of all you need to know the benefits of Android Screen Recording. You can help your Friend by sharing your recorded screen, you can give your phone to anyone after activate this recording feature and many more benefits that you experience after you use this feature. android assister...

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Latest tricks type by swipe

Typing By Swiping

Latest tricks of Android Assister-If you are already bored with typing in the Android, I have brought to you better than that way "Typing by Swiping". In this way you don't need to tap on all button to type you can swipe you finger around the button and your text will typed. Here i give you the video tutorial of this swiping typing. If you like this way you need to download ...

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Android Assiter

To Make Your Android Device CCTV
Camera With Online Server.

Yes! this is possible here i explain how use your Android as CCTV camera and watch it live from anywhere. First of all you need to download IP Webcam on your android make sure you have working internet plan or your phone is in WiFi zone. After install open IP Webcam app and goto bottom on your screen and click on Start Server than put your phone on any Latest tips & tricks assister ...

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Whatsapp End-To-End Encryption

These days when you use Whatsapp a pop-up message on your chat window. That is a good service from whatsapp company. When you activate the End-To-End Encryption your chat, photos, videos, document, calls are more secure than previous version. If you activate the service your data is convert in encryted form. so here i explain how to activate the ...

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