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To use multiple variant of same app in Android
using Clone(e.g.,two Paytm app or any app)

clone app exp

In previous post we instruct you that how to use multiple apps user(e.g.,whatsapp,facebook,etc.) account by using parallel space, but in the parallel space will host the apps inside its own space & ram which affect on your android speed & performance. So don't worry here we come again on user demand with a great solution. Yes! 'App Cloning', this app will make a ditto copy of app version called clone, then you can install it and use it your other secondary accounts without any intruption.And all that thing you can done 'without root permission'

Follow steps to make a copy of app and installing them.

Cloned apps run in parallel and work independently from their original apps. They will not receive automatic updates so you can keep and run a stable version alongside the original app.

Cloning can be useful to simultaneously use multiple logins in apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Skype but the real fun starts by messing around with an app. App Cloner offers a multitude of options to tweak the new app copy, apart from changing the app name or icon.

NOTE:WhatsApp is not supported because of security checks they implemented even though some YouTube videos incorrectly suggest WhatsApp can be cloned.

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App Clone

if you face any problem in to setup this please contact me to get help.....

"thank you"

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