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At Android Assister I Provide You The Android Tips And Trick And Important Application. And Also You Can Ask Any Issue Related To Android On This Blog. And You Can Ask In Any Language.

To make your Android Phone's screen more Dimmer from its default Brightness

Here i gonna instruct you the 'How to make your android phone's screen extraa dim for safety from bad effect of android screen on your eyes at night. And with these trick you not only protect your eyes even you save your mobile battery life. here i'm not only talk about screen dimming even you can filter your phone's colour effet(e.g., blue light filter).Note: We provide many selected Apps but keep in mind that having multiple brightness apps can result in compatibility and control issues. For best results, try these one at a time.

if you have any other or related problem in android conatct me i will fix as soon as possible....

"thank you"

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