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What in the Whatsapp Latest Update. How to
use Whatsapp new Font & Style.

We all knows whatsapp has a biggest quantity of user, so it has also big responsibility to satisfy them. So whatsapp brouught a new update for its user in this latest update Whatsapp give the user to new Style of messaging, like change font style, Bolding a Text, Italic Text, strike through on Text to get more better experience.

Steps of How to implement it.

You'll likewise now have the capacity to choose a group chat thread or multiple contacts and hold for more choices, for example, leaving the group, marking as unread, archiving or muting . In conclusion, there are more custom wallpaper options add on this latest update of whatsapp, for example, strong colors on the off chance that you lean toward something insignificant

if you face any problem in to setup this please contact me to get help.....

"thank you"

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